Study Abroad


The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is a centralised admissions exercise conducted by MOE around September or October each year for international students who wish to join our mainstream primary and secondary schools in January of the following year.

The AEIS consists of a centralised test on English and Mathematics that will assess the applicants’ English literacy, numeracy and reasoning abilities. Admission is not guaranteed, and is subject to the applicant’s performance in the test. If successful, placement will depend on available vacancies and the applicant’s declared residential area in Singapore.


The International Baccalaureate(IB) offers a continuum of international education. The programmes encourage both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development. We offer PYP and MYP. 

What is PYP?

The PYP(Primary Year Programme; 3-12 years old) prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. It focuses on the development of the whole child.

What is MYP?

The MYP(Middle Year Programme; 11-16 years old): A challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, the MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation.

International High School

Preparatory Course for Admission to Government School (Pri 2 – 5, Sec 1 – 3)
The Preparatory Course for Admission to Government School courses are specially designed courses to enable international, non-native English-speaking students to prepare for AEIS test for admission to Singapore’s Primary and Secondary Schools. The Preparatory Courses are full-time courses which provide students with a good foundation in English and Mathematics. Students can enrol at the ages of   7 – 16 years.

Preparatory Course for Singapore–Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level)

General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE ’O’ level) is a standard UK qualification usually taken at the age of fifteen or sixteen. This course provides a foundation for further study or employment. Students are required to take at least five subjects (2 compulsory subjects and 3 elective subjects), depending on the qualifications that the chosen higher institution ask for.

Preparatory Course for Edexcel General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination

The Preparatory Course for Edexcel General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination is a demanding course catered to students serious about pursuing university admission. This intense 24-month course will incorporate project work and e-learning to prepare students for research and rigours of University life. Coleman’s aim is for a good number of its students to gain admission to reputable universities in the world.

Certificate in English for Foreigners (Basic to Advanced 2)

The aim for the Certificate in English for Foreigners (EFL) course is to help students communicate effectively and confidently in English. It also aims to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This is Coleman College’s longest and most successful programme.

Holiday Programmes and Summer Camps

Coleman College is one of the leading private schools providing a wide range of holiday programmes to meet the needs of students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, and other countries in the region. These programmes are aimed at foreign students who may want to spend part of, or their entire school holidays in Singapore to acquire a basic proficiency in the English language, and interact with other international students. Since 1993, more than 5,000 students from the region have benefitted from Coleman’s holiday programme.
Department of Higher Education

Hospitality & Tourism Course

Coleman College conducts courses leading to the award of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels to equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry. At the Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels, students develop an in-depth understanding of the front-end operations and back-end processes of the hospitality & tourism businesses through a combination of both classroom learning and on-the-job training. This prepares students for careers in all aspects of the vast and varied industry, from commercial tour operation to government oversight of national tourism activities, management of hotels from small family-run operations, to major international chains. Recognising the growth of the Chinese market in Asia.

BTEC Business Management Courses

Coleman College offers the BTEC Certificate to HND Diploma courses which provide a suite of specialist vocational learning qualifications in the fields of Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Information Technology at levels 4 to 5 that reflect the requirements of professional organisations and meet the National Occupational Standard for each sector or industry. With strong emphasis on the development of practical skills alongside specialist knowledge and understanding for the sector, the BTEC courses are recognised internationally, not only by employers as providing learners with the key concepts and practical skills for direct progression to various universities but by professional bodies as well, such as: the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), the Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and the Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Business Management Courses (Chinese)

Coleman College’s courses in Business (Chinese) is designed to meet current industry needs in China. The courses enhance students’ academic knowledge in specific areas and equip them with competitive and operational skills to meet the challenges in an international commercial environment.

Sport Management Courses

Coleman College will collaborate with the United States Sports Academy (USSA) to offer sport courses that will bring quality training programmes to meet the increasing demand for trained professionals in sports, wellness and recreational industry. In addition, Coleman College offers a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science that are linked to BTEC.

Global Logistics Management

Coleman College offers the Specialist Diploma in Global Logistics Management with the aim to enable students to have in-depth understanding through theoretical studies of business subjects relevant to the logistics and related industries in a commercial environment.