Services and Facilities

Over the past twenty-nine years, Coleman College has expanded its scope of operations offering a wide range of education and training services to meet the needs of students and working adults in Singapore and the region. Currently, Coleman College is one of the leading private schools providing training in the English Language, tourism and hospitality, business, logistics and sports and fitness. These courses are offered from Certificate level to Diploma and to Advanced Diploma level. Coleman College occupies an area of about 15000 sq feet with a total of 14 well-equipped training rooms. Students will have study corners and free access to computers with internet access. All the classrooms and facilities have been carefully planned on one level for the convenience of all. We are committed to delivering quality services and programmes to our customers and partners. Coleman College employs qualified, experienced and committed staff to provide effective and efficient services and programs to students. In line with its commitment to uphold the quality and effectiveness of its services, the College maintains a teacher-student ratio of 1:40 for tutorials and 1:64 for lectures. The College provides clear and accurate information on all its courses’ pre-requisites and fees, including a breakdown of course fees and non-course fees payable by the students. This information is made available to all prospective students (before enrolment) through marketing materials. For more information on our fee structure, please kindly contact us.

College Policies

The College pledges to administer students’ queries, requests and feedback expeditiously, fairly and accurately as set out in its Student’s Handbook. It has put in place procedures to address students’ grievances and feedback and their requests for course transfer and withdrawal. Its Student support services and other staff are available to provide assistance to international students facing difficulties adapting to the Singapore environment and helping them to resolve various problems they may encounter in their studies.

Standard PEI-Student Contract

It is the College’s standard operating procedure to enter into a Standard PEI-Student Contract with the student prior to the confirmation of their enrolment and this policy is communicated to the prospective students through its various communication channels, including its website. The College will honour all the terms and conditions as set out in the Standard PEI-Student Contract, including course delivery, pricing, refund and services provided. A copy of the contract is available for inspection upon request.

Refund Policy

The College has established clear refund policy and is reflected in the Standard PEI-Student Contract and the Student’s Handbook.

Code of Ethics

The College adopts the following codes of practice:

•Staff shall follow the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities strictly.

•Staff and appointed associates shall not resort to unethical sales practices and shall act in the best interest of the students and be always truthful, accurate and fair when providing information on services relating to Coleman College and its partners and supplies.

Staff of the College adhere to a strict code of confidentiality with regards to the personal information of its students.